Sunday, March 25, 2012


What is a girl without hair? She would be just another bald girl, right? lol.
Ehm that’s right, I got a new haircut today! YIPPIE!!! Well it looks ok, but um I haven’t quiet used to this new cut, so I don’t know… I went to this salon with my mum, she’s the one that recommended this hair style to me and I said yes because I thought my hair would be long enough to be cut, but it didn’t. so now it looks really short on me. But yeah, it’s ok though, its not her fault either because I’m the one that is always wanted to get a new hair cut and she was only recommending it. So there’s this salon-guy that done my hair and his name is Mr. Muslim. He’s nice and he seems tough, but he does a little bit kind of girl-ish though. He doesn’t really talk that much, but he does move a lot. By “move” I mean really “move” like all of a sudden he does this little kinda of funny dancing. How odd was that? Lol, but really, he’s extremely kind and gentle. And I tipped him like a dollar (which in Indonesia it is just as much as ten thousand idr). After I got home, there was my father looking at me strangely and said “seriously? That short?” and of course I nod. Sigh…. Even my dad thought it was really short. I always avoid a short cut for my hair, because it makes my face really chubby and round and I never like that. Well, my mum said I look pretty of course, and she said when the hair is growing long enough, it’d be look great. Hell, right? I mean, seriously, how long am I suppose to wait until my hair grows long enough??? Yeah, that’s my problem. They say “your hair is your crown”. And I surely have an issue if my hair is not looking as I wanted to be look.
My number one priority of dressing up is definitely the hair do. But of course my outfit have to be great too. But I am more concern about how my hair looks than how my wardrobe fits me. I’m sure some of you are having the same problem here, lol. But to be honest, eventhough I care more about the hair but I never actually do anything about it. I mean, I never actually wear any accessory on my hair, because everytime I try to give a touch by wearing a hairband or pony tail it or even wear a few hair clips, I always think that they doesn’t fit well enough on my hair, so I wear them off. What about you? I’m sure everybody has a different taste of fashion. 
If I say hair does and makeups are an influential part of fashion industry, it is definitely positive. You cant just wear some couture piece and walk through the runway without getting your hair done and put on smoky-eyes on your eyes and a brown-red-ish coloured lip. Everything from head to toe must be touched and remarkable. So that when you are out there walking, showing off that piece you’re wearing, everybody should be overwhelmed. I, my self had indeed walked the runway since I was about 8 or 9. So there I was attending a modeling contest for kids fashion magazine, well I didn’t won but they still want me to do some photo shoots after, so I got a few calls over the year. It was a blast, really. I got paid about 500 up to 700 thousands idr. And back then I was a fifth grader. So that was the first time I’ve ever got into the industry and I enjoyed it very much. And just a few years later my mum signed me and my sister up for another modeling contest to be the next “Aneka Yess! Coverguest 2008”. We got through a few sessions before we actually made it to be on the top 12 girl finalists and finally we were quarantined. So I was ranked on the eighth, and my sister was on seventh. We were quarantined for about a week or so. After the quarantine, we got our first call to do a photo shoot for their fashion article titled "The Truth About Stripes and Square" and here are some captures of us. 
(This is my sister Elwiena Maulida)
Pink Label tank top and stripes sweater,  Soulmate belt  & Yellowline bracelet
(this is me. extremely sorry if the image is kinda blur...heheh)
Soulmate dress, Blush tye dye cardigan and necklace, Yellowline bracelet, Wewe earings & Glitz gladiator sandals.
Later after that, we still got a few calls to do some photo shoots and they made a contract with me and my sister for a year. It was really a great experience. And a year later my mum signed my brother up for Aneka Yess! Coverboy hunt 2009. And he made it to be on the top 12 till the final. So yeah, my mum is the whole brain of all this. She’s the one that introduced me to this industry, she tought me everything there is to learn and know about it. So she practically also a big part of my experience, because if she wasn’t there I wouldn’t even be interested in this stuff, much less I wouldn’t even care. So yup, je vous remercie mommy. ♥

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