Sunday, April 22, 2012


So here it goes. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the street style fall on Paris Fashion Week! Yay! Aren't you excited? I know I am! 
Alright, these shots are my favorites snaps. Every person on these shots are sooo fashionably amazing. Who knows, maybe this could be your ultimate fashion guide for the season... :-)

Totally in love with her shoes there. Perfect match with the lacing blouse and that plain pencil skirt.

Fur with leather pants...ah and that cute clucth. She surely nailed it!

What a smile she got there. Such a perfect match with the hat... oh and that ankle boots!

Very sophisticated. She's doing it right with those neons. Loved it!

Red and bold. She's experimenting. Girl, with your dark color, you sure have nailed em all especially on that skirt!

That ice blonde with her red lips is sure know the color for fall. Love the shoes!

 The pattern, the contrasts and the prints. With that amazing pale tone, she's got it!

 Utterly gorgeous! They sure know how to look stunning together. Love those matching maroon coat!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Jeans. You probably think that most people in the whole wide world wear jeans for they ultimate casual wear. Well yeah, you got that right. And do you find it kind of a little bit annoying when there is somebody who wear their jeans unproperly and make them actually look a lot worse?
Although they say "dont judge a book by its cover", but the fact is everyone always judge a person by their look.  And we cant hide the fact that the first impression always comes from our first look. Agree? But um, o'course, inner beauty cannot be defeated by only "a proper look" you'll have to watch your manor and your behavior as well. 
But no, i'm not gonna talk about inner beauty stuff though. I'm actually gonna talk about....this!
So there you have it, few tips about how to wear your jeans to actually make your look a lot more sophisticating. Feel free to leave your comments or critics about this one. You know, i actually got this pic from a reblogged post of my tumblr Sizzling Puzzles (again) heheh... Really, ever since i got this picture, i have always matched my jeans with what shoes i'll be wearing first. What about'cha? :-)

Monday, April 9, 2012


Yes. I got these photos by tumblr (well, my tumblr actually...) and they're all reblogged, heheh... SIZZLING PUZZLES.


Finally, midterms are over! Which soon!!! woohooo!
Well, although the holiday is still come in four days, but at least the midterms over is such a relief for me. For the past week i've been concerned just almost absolutely about anything, whether its about my paper, did i have filled the correct answer in the right way or not...sigh. What a week! Right? Feels like forever...but forever is over!
What i love about school is the holiday, and what i love about the holiday is going back to school as soon as its over. What are the odds, huh? lol. Well whatever, i get to got a week to meditate without having to concern about schools stuff. So yeah, i'm pretty good. NOW HOLIDAY, I'M FULLY YOURS! :-)


Donna Karan is exactly like the Empire State Building in New York, she’s built a gorgeous career on the back of the city, so it was definitely appropriate that the front page of her show notes for the DKNY Spring/Summer 2012 show at New York Fashion Week, unveiled on the tenth anniversary of 9/11, made mention of the tragic date. Donna Karan has always reflected a high dose of femininity and a touch of freshness in her designs, and for the upcoming spring/summer 2012 fashion year her vision for the DKNY label is all about ladylike ensembles that come like a breath of fresh air. Easy chic seems to be the theme of the collection, a trend that has always managed to draw lots of positive attention. Long and flowy designs bewitched everyone present and gorgeous seasonal colors were a true spectacle for the eyes and mind to enjoy.
Overall, the collection seems to have been divided into four different sections, the basics featuring functional must-have shirts, the bold red/blue poppy printed pieces, the floral prints and bikinis, and airy maxi dresses in white, black and pink. The entire line is playing around with such gorgeous hues, as cream, navy, timeless black or tan and spices things up with royal blue, fierce red and fresh hot pink shades and vivid prints. For some bright idea to mix and match various catchy, bold prints, the designer looked to artists, who represented landscape for other inspirations, more precisely Jackson Pollock.
Girly skirts paired with stylish shirts and tops, gorgeous dresses featuring asymmetrical cuts (shorter in the front and longer in the back), skirt pants, tailored tuxedo jackets, stylish minis, stylish pants and fab oversized jackets teamed up with oversized floppy hats and handbags give a casual-chic flair to the collection, while the vintage classic tweed pieces emphasize the timeless elegance of the line. Karan emphasized a year-round wardrobe that could easily be layered with other pieces from her collection or with things already hanging in your closet. With the DKNY Spring/Summer 2012 collection you are sure to draw all eyes on you, regardless of the occasion and time!
(Source: Fashionizers)

So, because I really love the DKNY collection, I've made a set on polyvore that is identical with one of the spring/summer collection 2012 of DKNY (with a little improvements, of course...). Here, check it out!!! :-) 

DKNY Eva Print
DKNY Eva Print by verrrren on POLYVORE

DKNY printed silk shirt
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DKNY printed pants
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DKNY high heel shoes
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DKNY tote handbag
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Amrita Singh 18k jewelry
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Finesse butterfly stud earrings
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