Monday, March 26, 2012


Do you watch starworld a lot? If you do then you gotta know their campaign about “stop hating Mondays” thing, right? They promoting that campaign to actually promote another Monday night laughs kinda thing. Correct me if I’m wrong. So there will be some comedy series such as “how I met your mother”, “friends with benefits”, and “new girl”. Buuuut as much as I love those series, I don’t think their campaign works. Why? Because not a thing, not at all, no no, nothing will ever make me stop hating that first darn day of the week which is MONDAY. 
Again, WHY?
Yup, this is my last day off and today is Monday, why the hell should the holiday stops at this very day? So this is suck. Tomorrow I will start my so-called routine activity all over again. Just the same thing everyday. Sit there in the classroom, listening to the teachers and eventually everyday every subject there will be a homework. 
But I really cant waste any of my time at school anymore. I gotta starts studying extremely hard. Because the mid-test is just a few days ahead. I don’t know what I’d do without my brother here teaching me math, physics and chemistry. Arrrgh! I’m really gonna be fighting alone now. So I guess I’m gonna be away for awhile now. WISH ME LOOOOTSA LUCK, PALS! :-)

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