Saturday, March 24, 2012


St. Michael top, East Boy short, & unbranded glasses and belt.
Hey there y’all. Remember me? I’m Veren. I have been blogging for like when I was 12 or so, and now I’m 15 and a half. This is a new blog as you can see this is my first post. Actually to be perfectly honest this has been my fourth or fifth blog I’ve ever made lol. But um, that’s not such an illegal thing to do, isn’t it? Well alright so I guess this first post should be an introduction of myself and everything about what I’d write in this blog. As you already know my original name is Farahdiba Elsalsabila, but everyone call me Veren. I know, right? It is kinda confusing. My mom is the one who gave me that pretty awesome nick name though. And the name Farahdiba Elsalsabila itself is given by my very own beloved grandmother. 

So yeah I’m 15 and the very second of this August I’ll be turning 16. Well that’s exciting! who would’ve known what would happen on that day, right? Last year I got a surprise from some very old friends of mine and it was such a blast and I’m very grateful at the moment, really. But this year? I don’t know. I prefer god plans it for me. Here’s a little peek about my self. My life is a total lie lol. I mean nobody really knows how I pretty much live my life. And at some point, people think I’m a total deusche. Well, I’m not gonna deny that thoughts, but all I’m saying is that, people does change and its just the matter of time for other people to actually be giving a chance for that person who really wants to be better. But you know as things going I never regret anything that had happened in my life. Everything I did or anything I said is a lesson that is coming out from me to me. I’m just gonna have to dig a little deeper to notice the true meaning of all that. And yes maybe we as human did something wrong and fatal and sure, we have to accept the consequences whether its bad or good. But that’s just the way life is. We cant cheated about how things gonna works for us, all we can do is that keeping our head up high and smile through it no matter what. And eventually it’ll get better and better every single time. Do be grateful if it is just some mocking, insults, and betrays and stuff like that that you get from any other life forces, that’ll probably just harm your feelings not your life. Just be grateful that your faults and mistakes are not killing you, eventhough it still does hurts a lot. So for any of you that is reading this right now, no matter who you are, a bully or a person that is being bullied or troubled and lost and got kicked out, just be grateful because maybe that is a lesson that god wants you to absorb and read between the line. We’ll be fine. And eventually we’ll be on our own, right? Okay enough of that. Let’s keep that between us alright?...:-)

I sure do love fashions stuff a lot. Wheter it’s about designing nor styling or remaking them, it has always been a very fun thing to do. Maybe if you’ll see me around you wouldn’t really think that I’m a very well-fashioned kinda chick. But when it comes to dressing up a friend or giving a makeover I can guarantee they’ll look a lot more fashioned lol. No no, I’m joking you wouldn’t believe me even if it does true. But above all that I am obsessed with those stuff. I am, my self have been doing loads of clothing designs, some couture and others. I do love making sketches of clothes. Well maybe I’ll show you some sketches that I made my myself later and hopefully you guys could give me some critics or comments about those:-). I’m still in my sophomore year in high school though but for the next two years I have been planing on going study overseas and get a full scholarship for fashion design degree in Europe just as soon as my graduation. I don’t know which institute or college that I’ll be attending but i keep my fingers cross. 

My inspiration for fashion is definetly Emma Watson and Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen. Their fashion senses are all shopisticated, casual, and bold not to mention utterly fashionable. But there still are some very most influental people in fashion industry that I adore so much. They all are my ultimate reason why I love high fashion so darn much. Not only fashion, I also love some music. Recently I am a fan of Ed Sheeran the British singer-songwriter and One Direction which is another British boy-band. But for most stuff I listened, its relative. I can listen to every type of music and still feel completely amuse. I know you guys would too, right? :-)

Awkaaay then...i guess that's that. ENJOY!:-)

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