Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Jeans. You probably think that most people in the whole wide world wear jeans for they ultimate casual wear. Well yeah, you got that right. And do you find it kind of a little bit annoying when there is somebody who wear their jeans unproperly and make them actually look a lot worse?
Although they say "dont judge a book by its cover", but the fact is everyone always judge a person by their look.  And we cant hide the fact that the first impression always comes from our first look. Agree? But um, o'course, inner beauty cannot be defeated by only "a proper look" you'll have to watch your manor and your behavior as well. 
But no, i'm not gonna talk about inner beauty stuff though. I'm actually gonna talk about....this!
So there you have it, few tips about how to wear your jeans to actually make your look a lot more sophisticating. Feel free to leave your comments or critics about this one. You know, i actually got this pic from a reblogged post of my tumblr Sizzling Puzzles (again) heheh... Really, ever since i got this picture, i have always matched my jeans with what shoes i'll be wearing first. What about'cha? :-)