Saturday, April 7, 2012


(This post is dedicated to my beloved yet annoying older brother)
So yup, that dude on the video(s) is my brother. His name is Iman. He is four years older than me and he's in college now. He went to the Petronas University of Technology in Malaysia. Since he left to college, i admit, the house feels kind of boring. I don't know... Maybe because most of the time, he is the one that i've always argued and fought with. Lol.
Aaaand, here is a little peek about him. He likes to sing, a lot! Well, he is a member of a choir in Universitas of Indonesia. The choir named Paragita. He considered himself as the most awesome guy lives in the planet (if you take a look at his bio on twitter, you'll see. heheh...) But he's not so arrogant though, when he is nice, he can be really fun to chat with. Do i love him? Do i happy to have him as my brother? Not really, but Hell yeah!!! Because i love him just as much as i hate him. And even though sometimes he is wayyy too overprotective on me, i know that deep down inside there's a part of an angel asleep in him. If you know him like i do, you may think that he is the most stubborn kid in family. But his stubbornness proves that he is a successful person. One thing i like about him is that he never quit almost absolutely on anything! he is a fighter and a keeper! As i mentioned on my first post, he is also a model. He is a finalist of Aneka Yess!'s coverboy 2008. And if you think he is hot or cool or something, well, yes he does.I admit it now. 
Well, enough of that. this was him covering a few songs, such as You Raise Me Up by Josh Groban, Fly Me To The Moon by Frank Sinatra and Ben by The Jackson 5. ENJOY!!! :-)

So, Whataya think? If you think he has an excellent voice at all, feel free to subscribe him on YouTube.

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